Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beware SPAM from tagged dot com!!!!!

I got an email last night that looked to be from a friend of mine from grad school. I opened it, and MUCH TO MY HORROR it accessed my entire contact list and spammed them with a "friend" request from me.

If you received such an email from tagged . com please delete it before even opening.


Jeanne said...

Hi, Katie,

It tried to get me, too... but I didn't recognize the email address so I ignored it and deleted it. It was from your email! *gasp* Now I know where it got mine--it's because you joined the CPH KAL. Not to worry, though. But thanks for mentioning it on the KAL. And the post you emailed about never made it to the KAL page.

Hope you can stop the tagged monster in its tracks!