Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paris. And, I lied.

Need to settle on WHERE in Paris we should stay. If you have thoughts on this please share them. Do you have a favorite arronidissement? Do you have a favorite street? Please share!

And, here is the bit about me lying. Unfortunately the LA Times ran a series of photos by the White House photographer of behind-the-scenes during the first days of the new administration. This is my favorite:
Gentleman. And President.


Jennifer Maiser said...

Seriously. How amazing was that photograph? I don't blame you for breaking your rule for this one. last. shot. :)

CopyStrands said...

See you're following me on Twitter, thanks! Even though I am the Guide to Seattle I also have traveled to Paris. We have a couple guides that live and write about France maybe they can help you too:

Best, Courtney