Monday, March 2, 2009

What do you call it?

An "anniversary?" It's been a year. March 6, 2008, to be exact. That week I found a lump. No, not me. This is probably nothing. But I make 2 appointments: one with my regular doc and one with the mammogram people. Those guys give me any appointment time I want when I say I found a lump. Still, I am not freaking out.

The doc says could be just a cyst, but you should go get a mammogram. Yeah, says I. Got an appointment. I had a whole 24 hours between these 2 appointments to just putz around and think it was just a cyst.

Then the mammogram. She looks poker faced and says, we'll go ahead and just check this with the ultrasound. Ultrasound lady did not bother with poker face. "IT'S CANCER." WTF? I could not speak because I was lying down and the tears were all pouring back into my throat. And, because, hey it is just a cyst, I was at this appointment all by my freaking self. She tried to hold my hand, but she was pretty much a gadget/machine person, not a comfort the idiot person.

Well, that was my week 1 year ago. And I wonder why I cannot get my head around work this week. Think I'll go scream now.


Mango Power Girl said...

that is really scary! i hope you are doing better now?

Patty said...

Congrats!!! I am happy for you!!
(saw your tweet)

I am sad it was your RT who gave you the news, completely uncool of him/her, and I believe unethical. Regardless, the good news is that you are on your feet, thriving and surviving!!! Keep on, Attitude is Everthing!

19 year Br.CA Survivor
LiveSTRONG Army Leader
Portland, OR
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cancersucks said...

One year cancerversary is a weird are happy you are alive but you are so mad at cancer...and you can remember every detail of your diagnosis like it was yesterday. I usually take a "feel sorry" for myself day and climb in bed with tivo, wine, a bag of chips and those crazy reality shows. Staying busy on the other hand helps, too. I'll be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I like cancersucks' idea of a "feel sorry" day. I think I might do that next year. Happy cancerversary :) Every year still on the planet is a good year. Grins.

Seattle said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary. My mom celebrates 3 years May 10. We are so thankful for every day.