Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Strike.

No really. This is a new place for me. (Before I became a teacher a year ago I had worked in business.) Now the teachers' union is on strike, following 4 or more months of inconclusive negotiations regarding our contract. At issue: allowing teachers to use their judgement in curriculum and instructional matters, and wage. News of the strike is reported here.

You may feel philosophically for or against unions and striking. However, please remember that of all professions teaching has historically been inadquately respected, paid and supported. May I please ask your support?


preppy little dress said...

sounds good, you have my support!

KSK said...

Thank you, Preppy Little Dress! I know unions are controversial and many of my blog friends might not agree with what we are doing. I was there not so long ago, but teachers and districts have been unionized forever. I don't foresee undoing that history.